Thursday, 24 August 2017

Do wrong sentiments lead to terrrorism?

All this hype about the saint made me ponder that though we may not know whether the charges against him are valid or false or whether he is just being framed into some allegations, all this comes later, the major disaster is the foolishness of mass. On one hand, we say that let the law do the justice, on the other such huge mass gathering just to make sure that the saint is safe shows that we are taking the charge of the law. What is the need of courts then?
Calling this act as a Blind Faith or a True Devotion is a very tender topic to debate upon. To the person who has seen the worst days, someone coming up and give him a new, meaningful life- he will, of course, be a messenger or a guardian to him. But the question is, can we give any humanly figure on this earth a place of supremacy? Though not clearly asserted, the act of people clearly shows that to them the saint has no position less than a GOD. Now talking about GOD, it is again a controversial topic. Some are atheist, some are believers while others are agnostic, but if your belief takes you to the right path, causes you to be altruistic or if not that teaches you to at least stay indifferent and not cause harm to any other living creature by any means, may be physical, sentimental or emotional, then you are much better than all those followers who are ready to kill somebody for a saint.

Going to the religious side, if we talk about Sikhism- It has been clearly asserted by the last Sikh guru that after all the 10 gurus the last guru to them will be Guru Granth Sahib, no other saint, guru or sage is to be followed or given place of GOD: yet we see many people from the Sikh community following saints. This act really raises a question on the existence of Sikhism. I know this is a very strong assertion, but it is an undeniable fact. Well, actually it is not just a community, a huge sect of people from other religions also does the same.

Can you think of what kind of chaos can this mass gathering can lead to?
If the decision goes on the side of the saint, the huge gathering's gonna celebrate. If not the gathering will be grumbled.Either way will lead to a jam in the city. Now think of some cases as, what if the mass really damages the government properties which also include hospitals and colleges. What if someone is in a critical situation and needs an access to hospital as soon as possible but all that chaos is delaying it or in the worst case scenario, that person dies- who will be responsible?- Government, saint or public. 
Also thinking of the situation a bit meticulously, what if some unfortunate incident like a rape case or a murder occurred in the houses who are at present shouting out that 'someone who touches the saint has to first go through them', will those still be supporting?

The fact is, let the law do its job. Around 1 lakh people have gathered, the strength is huge. I wonder are people so free or it is that their whole world revolves around the saints. No matter even if someone helps you in your darkest times, we still cannot exonerate anybody who is being accused of so many allegations. Abetting someone is a bigger crime. Afterall, saints though learned, are also humans and humans are bound to make mistakes. Creating a havoc and passing threatening statements is no less a crime than terrorism. 

As I always believe, no other religion is greater than humanity, hence our acts should be such which are in favor of mankind at large. Sacrificing thousands for the sake of one is not an act of literate people.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Humanity-My religion

People talk about GOD and we are taught that GOD is one. Still, we can see many religions spread out on the entire globe. Once at my workplace I came across a man who advised me to always cover my head. It is a rule in some religion to cover our heads which show our respect to GOD. I just passed a smile because it is the best way to keep yourself at peace and restrain from any unconcluded dispute as debates on RELIGION are never healthy. Actually, the real religion is HUMANITY. The religious books always preach of humanity. No matter in what religion you are born in, if you are not humble and compassionate towards our fellow beings, you are on the wrong path of life. Humanity is the sole religion of every person which can bring all the bloodshed, terror and war at peace which we daily fight in the name of the human made religions. 
GOD is one and the sole religion which he wants us to follow is HUMANITY as we are all his children.Moreover, it's a free world where you can follow any religion you want but reach to the same conclusion which is that we all must live at peace ignoring all the caste, color, creed and religion barriers. Talking about GOD, I don't  how people think about it, but I have always considered it as a positive source of energy which we must always possess to bring the best out of ourselves either at work, play or recreation. And this is how the universe wants us to work and work harder keeping faith in oneself and hence bear the fruit our hard work.
Being humane is all we need to bring all the chaos to end. Had I argued with that person at my workplace, it would have hurt his sentiment as well as my peace. People must get aware of this fact and follow the real religion. Love yourself, love your work, respect others and behave like a human, this is all that GOD wants us to be.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Wise head says that key to success is happiness. We are always told to keep our calm when dealing with life. Money can't buy happiness. But I am of a different view regarding this. For eg when somebody dear to us is ill or a family member is ill and we are not in a condition to pay hospital bills .... this makes the condition worse. if we had had money at least tension of paying bills won't come up and will b little relaxed on that note. Also if the main member of the family has stopped working or is not able to get a good job and feed his family anymore... the vibes in th house remain no good. There are fights on every topic, kind of a unpleasant atmosphere is created in the huse , u have to cut short on every basis thingseven,, less food, no proper clothings , not able to cope up with the modern world coz u can't pay for what u want or u would need to be successful. See to start up a new venture u must have some money first .So what i mean is that if a person has 'MONEY' he has an easy lifestyle , easy access to everthing , if he wants to go abroad for higher studies he can coz he has THE MONEY, if he wants to go in action, modelling or anyother line he can coz he can dress smart and will be having all the latest technologies to make himlook cool like a model coz he has the MONEY . this will automatically lead to happiness in the house . So indirectly money leads to peace, fun ,happiness, chasing dreams and do all sort of stuff which can make us happy So MONEY= HAPPINESS in today's world